Hanging With Mr. Cooper

Stay Close + Expectant

Truly walking your path will often require separation from what was and cleaving to what IS. The biggest IS. The largest I AM. As you move closer to who you are meant to be in this world through genuine relationship with our Creator - joining your existence with your destiny, essentially engaging in God's truest [...]

8.23 For Whom The Bell Tolls

Your heart is ready for you to stand. If you are reading this it is very likely that you have cleared some very very large karmic hurdles in regards to what you think is possible and even what you will allow to be possible in your life. There are relationships and connections that no longer [...]

Shadow Work

My crew and I giggled so hard this week at "awakened bro" and his path to enlightenment. Austin seems to be littered with men seeking themselves, which is a beautiful thing. However... The tools I see them collecting on their path to fixing - Aubrey Marcus podcasts, biohacking, cold-water dips, silent discos, deprivation floats, breathwork, [...]

Might Activate…Every Heart Matters

A mood after integrating Yeshua called to me in a hummed song through a closed door today and He made me lay down to release and see. "Girl, are you done yet?" Yes, I am - it's all yours now, all of it. He was at my head and Maggie at my feet. Michael held [...]

SPRING Equinox Energy

It is officially SPRING in the Northern part of the world and we are glad about it!! As Nature goes, so does Spirit - as they are One and we feel this connectedness within us. The change is real and has been building within us from about this time last year (what you thought was [...]

The Almost Relationship + Other Things I’m Hearing

I have been privy to so much lately that is truly touching my heart and allowing for explanation of what I am feeling in ways that I have not been able to verbalize. I keep getting the sense that my learning has been fast-tracked as I seem to be willing to take the lessons and [...]

Being Connected + Healing

https://youtu.be/Yuo_ca6QXNQ Take what helps and leave the rest. We are sitting in a special place of moving straight into all that we were meant to be as we release what we were. Genuinely being born again. This is how this current space on our current timeline is being shown to me. You are meant to [...]

A is for Alchemy – An Open Letter

Photo by Dominique Mireya Photography Alchemy. It is so much more than a 21st century ascension-related buzzword, I can tell you that. Real talk - it is the ability to take some bullshit and turn it into golden soul fuel. It is the ability to take a dive, fall, mistake and nearly immediately flip it [...]