What Do You WANT?

Naaahhh, but like, for real though…what do you want? Remove, set aside, block, throw out the window - the energy that says you can't, or you don't deserve or it isn't possible…just put it over there (literally picture yourself setting it over on the stool in the corner) for 5 minutes and allow the deepest desires of your heart to surface, embracing without judgement. Look at it, all of it...

Family History

Our Galactic and Spiritual History and the way that we are experiencing it today can actually be summarized pretty easily. Our story is actually the story of one family and a son with the a gaping chasm of a parental wound - one the size of the hexagonal storm on Saturn. All names have been [...]


Especially one who loves herself + You enough to walk away from you so that you can heal yourself, understanding that you will only learn through you loving you first and not looking to her to hold your healing for you. You hold it. That is Love. And dammit, Woman - let him BE a [...]


I sit at the edge, on the precipice of something that has been in creation since my arrival. I have more of my story to tell, which was seemingly impossible until this moment. Until I was able to reach a certain plateau in my own healing, not one that was knowable, but one that was [...]

King Size

I fell into a dangerous habit. You know the one...it's the one where we continually accept less for ourselves than we truly deserve. I think I'd simply grown tired. Of waiting. Grown tired of doing what I should be doing and waiting. Waiting to get the feedback from work, from relationships, from God that I [...]

Malcolm X + Media

Malcolm X 1964 Malcolm X on Front Page Challenge, 1965: CBC Archives - click to watch. I am continually fascinated by the ways in which we are and have been continuously misled. In listening to Malcolm X this morning discuss the issues that we are currently experiencing right now as a world culture some 55 [...]


I was reminded. Stop giving credit to the dark for what God is bringing to light. Check yourself. Let what needs to go - Go. Let what comes - Come. Lean into Spirit. Remember the water. It is as we are. The very same. Bound by beaches and edges, but ever flowing. You ARE BEING [...]

More Love

This is my baby son. He's a gift. He is a true cancer - hard shell, super soft center, all the feelings, all the water, born 7/7. If there was a Break Method victory I would most want to celebrate, it is him. He was trapped in his shell for about 2 years after his [...]