I sit at the edge, on the precipice of something that has been in creation since my arrival. I have more of my story to tell, which was seemingly impossible until this moment. Until I was able to reach a certain plateau in my own healing, not one that was knowable, but one that was [...]

King Size

I fell into a dangerous habit. You know the's the one where we continually accept less for ourselves than we truly deserve. I think I'd simply grown tired. Of waiting. Grown tired of doing what I should be doing and waiting. Waiting to get the feedback from work, from relationships, from God that I [...]

Malcolm X + Media

Malcolm X 1964 Malcolm X on Front Page Challenge, 1965: CBC Archives - click to watch. I am continually fascinated by the ways in which we are and have been continuously misled. In listening to Malcolm X this morning discuss the issues that we are currently experiencing right now as a world culture some 55 [...]


I was reminded. Stop giving credit to the dark for what God is bringing to light. Check yourself. Let what needs to go - Go. Let what comes - Come. Lean into Spirit. Remember the water. It is as we are. The very same. Bound by beaches and edges, but ever flowing. You ARE BEING [...]

More Love

This is my baby son. He's a gift. He is a true cancer - hard shell, super soft center, all the feelings, all the water, born 7/7. If there was a Break Method victory I would most want to celebrate, it is him. He was trapped in his shell for about 2 years after his [...]

Neon Life

I get messages, a lot - and the important ones are in neon. No shit, true story - neon lights. Our shared love of neon aesthetic is one way I knew my relationship with Biz would be one of the most important in my life. Trent and I hadn't even committed to each other when [...]


Ohhh where to even begin. I'm still processing the implications of today. To be deleted from Facebook for a reason that has yet to be identified is up there in regards to it being hands down one of the strangest experiences of my life. Truly weird. And when I say deleted I mean it. There [...]

Nope – This Isn’t About Cancer…Or Is It?

The harder they come for me - the more truth you know exists in these words. As you begin to wake to the reality of what an entire culture has known inherently since the beginning of humanity, I can offer this. Black people have been on the front lines, bridging the gap, holding space in [...]