Hospital Sleep aka How to Solve This Pesky Cancer Problem

Is the worst for everyone involved, but it beats being apart. Because the sleep I get here on my trusty little cot is so uncomfortable, I do less of it. Way less.  And my brain chooses to operate at well above its normal 8% max. Just call me #Limitless.  All of that action going on [...]

Chemo No Mo!

Trent is finished with chemo!  No more 6 day stays in the hospital.  No more nights sleeping alone for either of us, although I never really sleep alone because Gavin. But for Trent, no more. No more well-meaning strangers barging in any and all hours of the day with no more than a haphazard knock-warning. [...]

Blah, It’s Valentine’s

It's Friday!  Hallelujah!  Trent's been in Brackenridge for Round 5 this whole week, but will be home tomorrow - maybe!  Just in time for Valentine's Day - the world's dumbest holiday.  I spent my day sitting in a classroom full of Mylar, rustley tissue paper and knock-off Victoria's Secret perfume. This round, just like every [...]