From Trent…

Looks who's getting their write-on. I think we'll start to hear more and more from him personally, which I love. It's not an easy thing to do, this "sharing" business, thinking about your own mortality, but it's so helpful when we think big picture. Peripheral ❤ Good morning everyone. I had a good night of [...]

Tiny Update 

Trent has definitely felt better. We've been dealing with a lot of changes in a short period of time. He's been doing a lot of resting and sleeping lately. We've had many many memorable conversations in the wee hours of the morning. I wish I could find a way to take his pain away. I'd [...]


I'm tired. And I know that this goes for all of us. I see it and feel it all over everyone. We're sick more often and tired all the time. Our energy stores are empty and our capacity for patience is topped. Trent is really feeling tired since his experience with the pleural effusion from a few [...]

Our Trip

I've been needing to post for a while, but I've been pretty content with life, believe it or not. Trent had some growth in one of the lung nodules (it doubled in size), but the rest are pretty stable - so I'm pretty stable. I think he's coughing more, but who knows. I keep that [...]


We are so excited! Praise God! Something we've been working for and praying about is coming true! We have been working with a wonderful organization in Austin, Without Regrets, who is sending us to Colorado! They really impress upon the families that they work with for the patient to really think about what memories they [...]

Chemo No Mo!

Trent is finished with chemo!  No more 6 day stays in the hospital.  No more nights sleeping alone for either of us, although I never really sleep alone because Gavin. But for Trent, no more. No more well-meaning strangers barging in any and all hours of the day with no more than a haphazard knock-warning. [...]

Happy Valentine’s Day! 💗💗💗💗

I realize yesterday's post was a little bleak.  While I won't apologize I will leave you with a few things that I am very thankful for on this beautiful Saturday.A very good family friend of ours decided to tackle graduation stuff for us!  Yes, that's right, Sabrinna is graduating in a few months time.  Unbelievable. [...]