The Rose

Part of my personal awakening involves accepting deep connections to aspects of the Holy Spirit revealed to me and through me. At its onset, the acceptance of this connection was not something that was of interest to me in the least, generating nearly crippling fear – a result of religious programming, fear of rejection and my own limited human vision. But The Mother’s voice, presence and influence, both in memory and energy is ever-present regardless of my want of them. She has been annoyed with my reluctance and lack of trust at times, but mostly incredibly patient with me in the development of the gifts that she shares with me and through me. And I am bound to share with those who come to me with the same portion of Grace that She has shown me, which is never-ending.



Saturday, May 14

Is it more relevant for me to tell you or to show it? Is it more effective for me to write it or to speak it?As I grow more into who I am and ever closer to true independence the questions that I ask myself are rooted more in refinement, than just beginning. And the…

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Gold-Winged Rose Oracle Insight To Your Inbox


I’m pulling together our curriculum for homeschooling/unschooling/homesteading this year and I am reflectively BLOWN AWAY by 1. How very little beneficial information was taught in my time in public school – the disservice we are allowing to continue to be perpetrated against our children simply by accepting and maintaining the status quo is frighteningly epidemic… Read more OUR OWN PRIVATE RESCUE MISSION

God Stopped at I AM

God stopped at I Am. He is I AM because He is everything and in being everything and creating us in His image He has given us permission to also exist as the human version of everything with in our own I Am. We are obessessed with and are driven to adopt labels as a… Read more God Stopped at I AM


So many mouths have been bound + tongues tied by generational curses and darkness. This is the time of correction and healing the energy around the throat. Many will be delivered, particularly men, but not limited to, from the snake who had a strangle hold on sacral energy that stifled any energy that was supposed… Read more Tongue-Tied

Pinnacles + Pauses

I had a miscarriage. I thought it was my turn. Everywhere I looked my friends are having babies, my kid is having babies, pandemic babies, miracle babies all around me. I thought it was my turn. I am in love with a man who is in love with me. Who understands how precious and delicate… Read more Pinnacles + Pauses