The Grounded Basics of Activating, RE-Accepting and Integrating God + Light


Foundation is EVERYTHING.

Particularly – in my experience, foundation combined with genuine connection are tantamount to spiritual growth, understanding and relationship with God, Holy Spirit and our family of heavenly hosts.

With the world virtually crumbling around the collective the call from God within our individual hearts can be deafening + the pull within to do more and be more in our purpose seemingly inescapable and worthy of pursuit.

Essentially, God is encouraging us to drown out the din of the world and draw closer to Him in an effort to reactivate the existing ties to Him and our heavenly family + reestablish our Earthly bodies as beacons of Light through which He can work effectively with humanity in the World.

I hear and feel these questions from The Collective all the time…But how? Where do I start? What’s going to happen to me? How do I understand? How do I stay the course?

The problem seems to be blockages in our individual spirits as a result of the incessant programming, generational/past-life + individual trauma, addiction, separation and lack of knowledge in regards to the specific ways in which God + Holy Spirit communicate with us best.

Over the course of my deep work individually and alongside people in movement, oracle work and spiritual guidance I have amassed an etheric database that has proven time and time again to be reliable in regards to how to reignite your deep relationship with God + The Holy Hosts, communicate deeply, effectively, purposefully consistently and without fear with The Kingdom enabling us to receive and understand the most essential parts of our personal missions.

I share this information with each and every client that I work with on an individual basis + those who sit at my personal table, but never before with this level of purpose, focus and clarity. I feel the collective desire to be of service and to receive as much information about our reason for being as possible. I also feel the deep desire in Spirit to connect with us in co-creation, to activate and draw the 144,000 as close as possible during this incredibly poignant and spiritually pivotal time.

LIGHT REMEMBRANCE – The Basics of Activating, RE-Accepting and Integrating God + Light is the first in a series of webinar-based lessons rooted in activating, reconnecting and solidifying your spiritual cord to Divine in an effort to avoid the pitfalls of remembrance and maintain adherence to your God-Given, identity-based personal Light path. I have seen far too many vulnerable, spiritually-gifted individuals lose their way and suffer as a result of lack in their spiritual knowledge base – which includes, but is far from limited to Biblical teaching alone. I have also witnessed the fallout from activation teachers who do not impart IMPERATIVE INFORMATION regarding navigating both this Earthly plane + the Spiritual Realm.

In the first course in the LIGHT REMEMBRANCE series I will outline and clearly share with students what I have observed, tested and recorded in my own spiritual journey and those with whom I have worked with for the last 5 years. I will explain how I have effectively reestablished and maintained a deep and abiding relationship with our Creator and become a Christ-Filled light-worker who is more deeply connected to and on mission daily.

This course will be grounded in Christian-Mystic principles and easily applicable in your daily life moving forward if you choose.

Once your LIGHT is ON your life and the lives of those you encounter will never be the same. I created this course for any and all, regardless of religious background or history, who have a deep desire to be of service to humanity, in co-creation with All That Is in an effort to live a connected existence as it was originally intended – a Holy existence full of joy, love, faith, hope, foundation, fulfillment, balance, objectivity and sovereignty.

I cannot wait to begin to share with you what has been shared with me – lessons in union, true magic, discernment, prophecy and remembrance.


Alove 🌹