What’s missing? Connection. Connection is missing. The elusive phone call has been replaced by text messaging and DM-sliding. Chance romantic meetings swapped for paint-by-number dating apps. Deep conversation paired down to a few choice comments via FaceBook. Dare I mention letter writing, where one might be able to detect sincerity via pen pressure? Listen, I’m just as guilty as anyone else of swapping the sometimes messy inevitability of human contact for convenience and ease – replacing seats at the coffee counter with a much more impersonal dial-up version. I’ve found that our longing for connection is not satiated through any of the means listed above. Our hearts and souls long to find the familiar in each other. The old ways. Sitting down to meals together, phones down. Eye contact. Body language. Touch. The art of human connectivity is a dying and I truly believe connection is key in getting the most out of life. The conversations on my podcast with humans being is one of my contributions to nurturing and maintaining the collective connection.

BEING ALOVE – EPISODE 1 “The Hidden Cure”

The Hidden Cure Being Alove

Shortly after Nigerian-trained Dr. Stella Immanuel burst forth on the CoVid-19 stage as the unexpected "America's Frontline Doctors" spokesperson I was approached by a longtime friend and pharmacist wanting to discuss her personal experience with both Corona Virus and the Hydroxychloroquine-cocktail. What she anonymously shares regarding the virus and potential cure from her perspective as a wife, mother and medical professional is compelling motivation for us to take a much closer look at the cause and potential cure for the global pandemic.