Movement is medicine and when we stop moving our life force and connection gradually wains and our whole self begins to suffer. Healing and maintaining health is three-fold – mind, body and soul. Investment in maintaining balance and holistic health in all three aspects of our being is crucial to our quality of life. In order to cement the mind + soul learning and aid in our own ascension process the learning must also be integrated fully into the body.

Creativity is key in connection and implementing a practice like Buti Yoga, which draws directly from our intuitive center, can keep the body in a state of fluidity in regards to the massive changes we are experiencing as we transition into our New Earth home. A totally legitimate benefit – it’s also a dope-ass workout that leaves you bilaterally connected and blissed out. I earned my 200hr RYT with Buti Yoga in 2017, am a master trainee and have been teaching consistently since my certification. Buti + Deep are a regular part of my teaching schedule and personal practice.

Squatch Frontier Fitness

Buti+Bells – Kettlebell Buti 11a

Buti Yoga Tuesday/Thursday 6p

Come move with us twice a week, in this brand new, community centered space!

Squatch Frontier Fitness is conveniently located on the east side of Austin, just behind East Austin Succulents.

Buti + The Beast Zoom Class LIVE

Can’t be on your mat in person? You can still get Buti Yoga with me online via Zoom!