I was reminded. Stop giving credit to the dark for what God is bringing to light. Check yourself. Let what needs to go - Go. Let what comes - Come. Lean into Spirit. Remember the water. It is as we are. The very same. Bound by beaches and edges, but ever flowing. You ARE BEING [...]

More Love

This is my baby son. He's a gift. He is a true cancer - hard shell, super soft center, all the feelings, all the water, born 7/7. If there was a Break Method victory I would most want to celebrate, it is him. He was trapped in his shell for about 2 years after his [...]

Neon Life

I get messages, a lot - and the important ones are in neon. No shit, true story - neon lights. Our shared love of neon aesthetic is one way I knew my relationship with Biz would be one of the most important in my life. Trent and I hadn't even committed to each other when [...]


Ohhh where to even begin. I'm still processing the implications of today. To be deleted from Facebook for a reason that has yet to be identified is up there in regards to it being hands down one of the strangest experiences of my life. Truly weird. And when I say deleted I mean it. There [...]

Nope – This Isn’t About Cancer…Or Is It?

The harder they come for me - the more truth you know exists in these words. As you begin to wake to the reality of what an entire culture has known inherently since the beginning of humanity, I can offer this. Black people have been on the front lines, bridging the gap, holding space in [...]

Oh, Hello

Well. Hello, Loves. It's been a minute. Honestly, I've sat in this very position, upright in my bed, getting ready to write numerous times.  I've had so much to say, but zero focus and zero time. Ehhh, that might be a lie.  I think maybe the opposite is true.  I've had nothing to say. I've [...]

A Letter to Me

Stay focused, Adrienne. Keep putting in the work, Adrienne. It's worth it. They're worth it. You're worth it. Don't do the things to yourself that you know will hurt you. Stop it. You deserve better. You have so much to give, get it together so that you can give it all. That's your purpose. To [...]

A Celebration of Trent’s Life!

Sending on behalf of Adrienne and family.  FOREVER IN OUR HEARTS Please join us as we celebrate the life of Trent Del Gibson Saturday March 4, 2017 at 3:00 pm East Side Baptist Church 2400 Northeast Drive Austin, Texas 78723    

It feels as if we are nearing the end of Trent's journey. The boys are squared away for today with Steven. 50% of the girls are here, with 50% on the way. He is much more comfortable now than he has been in weeks and I am thankful for that. We expect family and friends [...]