I believe that there is a divine purpose within each of us. I believe the divine purpose that dwells within each of us is an essential part of the whole when thinking about the eventual ascension of humanity. In order for all of us to catapult to the next stage of existence we must all fill our roles. I am here to help you uncover the most true desires of your heart, remove self-sabotaging behavior and limiting self-belief. Reframe, reorder and reorganize thought in an effort to get you about living a life full of meaning, connection and purpose as you fluctuate and grow into your highest self – the fullest expression of you.


In this time we will work together to intuitively uncover existing blocks and pitfalls you might be experiencing on the path to who you are truly meant to be, and what your soul is asking you to experience in this life. Through these sessions we will work to tether you back to your soul mission + purpose, with guidance as to how to navigate the fluctuating changes that will arise in regards to your purpose in being.

$57 for 1 session

$111 for 2 sessions

$163 for 3 sessions


This session is specifically reserved for individuals with whom I have an established working relationship who have previously scheduled full sessions. In our time together we will work towards reorienting, realigning, redirecting and spiritual clarity.

Oracle reading

Intuitive Oracle Card Readings are available upon request as an additional augmentation of sessions or as stand alone sessions. If scheduling in addition to a session please add at time of scheduling Life Session and anticipate additional time added to session. 

$33 (3 cards)

$55 (5 cards)

$77 (7 cards)


book a free 15 minute session.

Let’s chat one-on-one to explore any existing connection and to test the functionality and nature of our working relationship. Basically, let’s see if we are a fit and determine how we should proceed regarding future sessions. This session is a free courtesy.