Votrient – 5 weeks

5 Weeks In and Votrient Still Sucks

“It Starts With ‘H’ but it Ain’t No Hotel”

I'm going to keep this pretty simple.  Trent is back in Brackenridge, pushing through round 2 of Adriamycin/Dacarbazine.  The days before his admission and administration are becoming more and more difficult, for everyone.  He's doing well as of today, but that is via phone call this morning on my way to work, when he is [...]

Why Chemo Sucks So Bad

"How is Trent doing with this round of chemo?"  This is undoubtedly the question I answer most these days.  I don't have a problem with anyone asking me this question at all. It's actually just the opposite.  I really appreciate being asked and knowing that people are interested.  Nope, the problem actually lies in my answer. [...]


If I haven't learned anything through this entire ordeal I have learned to expect the unexpected and I thought we had both prepared ourselves for every variable. Turns out I still, apparently, know nothing.  Trent has to begin another round of chemotherapy.  Different this time.  Adriamyacin (yes, vet people, that one) and Doxorubicin.  He'll do [...]