The Truth About Costa Rica

On some level I've been avoiding writing this post for some time. Since June, really. I do not feel about our trip to Costa Rica as I once did. Thank goodness...


I'm tired. And I know that this goes for all of us. I see it and feel it all over everyone. We're sick more often and tired all the time. Our energy stores are empty and our capacity for patience is topped. Trent is really feeling tired since his experience with the pleural effusion from a few [...]

Sick and Tired – A Lovely Pair

To say that things have been difficult since beginning Votrient would be a gross and negligent understatement. Trent has missed days, yes days, of his life. There's the irregular morning sickness that he has stopped fighting and given himself over to, because it's just easier to let it all go. There is diarrhea - often, [...]