ALOVE + Lizzy B

There has been something missing for us for sometime. I’ve noticed it in my work with BREAK Method, in my yoga classes, in our lives on social media and in daily conversation.

Connection. Connection is missing. The elusive phone call has been replaced by text messaging. Chance romantic meetings swapped for paint-by-number dating apps. Deep conversation paired down to a few choice comments via FaceBook. Dare I mention letter writing, where one might be able to detect sincerity via pen pressure? Listen, I’m just as guilty as anyone else of swapping the sometimes messy inevitability of human contact for convenience and ease. I sometimes use my Starbuck’s app to dial-up coffee. There, I said it – I dial up coffee. But, what I’ve found is that the longing for this connection is not satiated through any of the means listed above. Our hearts and souls long to find the familiar in each other. The old ways. Sitting down to meals together, phones down. Eye contact.
Body language. Touch. The art of human connectivity is a dying.