Short but Sweet

As a result of my request via YouCaring we were able to pay 1 month of rent in advance and the late fees and current month and all bills! Praise God and thank you.  I don’t know if I have had to do much more difficult than reveal our money issues.  I great at giving, not so much with the asking or receiving.  I will say though, the amount of stress that has been relieved is beyond worth it alone. I had no idea until it was lessened.  Thank you.

In the time between posts my uncle also passed away.  He was a twin. His twin passed away three weeks ago. My mother is number 8 of 9 and these two are the first of her siblings to go on.  Please think about her as well. She’s hard as nails but I know she is having a difficult time with their passing, as you can imagine.

Chemo is the worst! Trent woke up two nights ago with the worst bone pain thus far. Like, almost made a trip to the ER painful, but that’s to hear me tell it. Via Trent, there’s no way we were going in. Tough? Yes. Stubborn? Oh yeah. Prideful? Absolutely. But guess what? Mama don’t care! I’ll make that phone call in a second regardless of what you know who has to say about it, but only If I need to. It is his body after all. Anyway, he pushed through and is up and down now. He does WAY too much when he’s feeling well and usually ends up wiped out at the end of the day and for the next morning as well, but we manage. With patience. And love.

On another note, Trent and I had a very difficult situation with his cancer treatment center.  We had actually had a very difficult time with all things cancer care from day one.  The most recent instance in particular was really jarring and I decided that we’d had enough, but instead of just cursing out the voice on the other line on their office I asked for a call back from the office manager, when she had a moment.  Oh boy.  There was a lot of attempted dissuasion, I even got an apology call back from the oncologist himself (UNHEARD OF) but I stuck to my guns and held out for a discussion with the lady in charge.  Long story short, a phone discussion turned into a request from the clinic medical manager for me to come and speak to their staff about our experience as patient\caregiver.  So, I did that.  We even held a more intimate talk session after the big talk where I was able to give clinic staffers advice on how to better accommodate patients.  Real talk. Totally a great experience.  The ambulatory director was there as well and wants to speak to me more as well. We have a pending engagement to speak to the CEO of Seton hospitals as well. I cannot express how good it feels given our situation to feel like I am affecting change.  Unbelievable. This is what I want to do, forever maybe.  We have so much support and WE nearly fell through the cracks.  Unacceptable.  There are so many people who are so sick who have no one to advocate for them.  It makes me incredibly sad.  Sad enough to do something about it.  I can’t wait to see where this goes.  I’m still in a very “One day at a time” mindset, and other than the kiddos we haven’t done much superfuture planning.  But I think I can look a little bit forward to this.

As always, thank you.





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