Gavin Beau (you’ll cry, in the best way this time) ❤️

From Gavin’s Pre-K teacher. He started full time on Monday…Thank God for our babies. We did nothing to deserve such great kids. I think they’re going to be ok. We are so proud and so humbled.

We love you, Gavin Beau Gibson

I wanted to share a great story with you about your sweet boy, Gavin. Today on the playground, one friend was bothering another friend on the swings. The friend kept saying, “Please don’t do that.” The other child wasn’t stopping, so Gavin got off his swing and walked over to the child. He said, “No, don’t do that.” The other child got upset and put his arms around Gavin (like a bear hug). Gavin didn’t try to hurt him or fight him, just pushed him off. All the girls started chanting, “Gavin! Gavin!” It was so awesome to watch. 

Coincidentally, after recess, we read a book about Everyday Heroes and how regular people can be heroes when they help someone. We talked about how Gavin was a hero when he helped his friend in need. The girl he helped chimed in, “And we cheered for him!” 
I cannot tell you how much we love having Gavin in our class. He is such a sweet soul. He is learning our routine and making friends. Thank you for sharing your sweet boy with us. Have a nice weekend!


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